A lovely vacation in Merzouga

Traveling all around the world and seeing places which are so much different than the ones you are used to can be amazing if done with someone who enjoys it as much as you do. If you have friends who love to do this than you are set to go, but if not than you might want to find an escort Paris. These incredible ladies will find your liking for traveling incredible and share their stories and experiences with you, because they do it quite often, as well.

The stunning Merzouga

vacation in MerzougaMorocco is a country that needs to be on everyone’s vacation bucket list. It is just breathtaking, full of beautiful sights and as much sunny as you can take it. There are many gem locations there, this is for sure, but one stands out much more than others and it is a village called Merzouga. Escorts don’t know about this, so you can use it as a surprise for them, which they will certainly like. Besides having the largest underground body of water in the whole region, it is quite near to Erg Chebbi which is a famous Saharan erg. The reason for this is its size and the possibility to take sport activities right on it.

Escorts will want to take selfies there for sure and spend some time with you while taking all that beauty in. They will have an opportunity to go shopping since the village is near to big cities and the Algerian border. Buying clothes and expensive jewelry is something they do to feel better so don’t try to take it from them. At the end you are also going to get a few pieces of clothing picked by the eye of a fashionable escort Paris.

Stay at Yasmina Hotel Merzouga during your vacation

There are a few things a hotel needs to have in order to be good and get the visitors to come back. First of all there are the rooms, they need to be comfortable, so you and your escorts can enjoy the time spent there. The view comes second, sharing the place with location. The Yasmina Hotel Merzouga is located so that the dunes and Sahara is what you are looking at, since they are one of the reasons why you came. There you shall also get a chance to experience the nomad way of living, ride on camels and take interesting and engaging tours into the desert, together with the amazing escort Paris you found on https://www.6annonce.com/.

This can make her want to go with you wherever you want to take her, because she knows that you know the right places to have fun at. She will also love the food there, since it is organic, healthy and well prepared. Make sure to take a good camera with you since the ergs are a wonderful place to make photos of those escorts. Doing sport and new things is a thing they enjoy above all, so the camels and safari rides will be a huge point for them. The live music played at the hotel is also quite nice, so make sure to not miss on it.